Us vs. Them

Our competition is in competition with competition

We are a standalone company!

Box & CD
*NO*  Box & CD
Simple, automated installation from CD
*NO*  simple, automated installation from CD
Flashy GUI's & configuration screens
*NO*  flashy GUI's & configuration screens
Large number of basic, generic,  something-for-everybody  monitoring tools
Ten (10)  custom, customer-specific management tools that deliver precisely what the customer wants
Out-of-the-box, the box & CD do  almost nothing  that customer wants & needs
Turnkey System does exactly  ten (10)  things that customer wants & needs
Turnkey system  *NOT*  available at any price!
Including  Turnkey System
Add-on  architecture & design time & materials
Including  architecture & design time & materials
Add-on  pilot demonstration time & materials
Including  pilot demonstration time & materials
Add-on  installation, deployment consulting time & materials
Including  installation, deployment consulting time & materials
How much will it  really cost  for the customer to deploy & implement this system themselves?
Other than the time & information that Certainty requires the customer to invest in the discovery phase, and to install & deploy this system into the customers Enterprise, the cost is  fixed .
If the customer is truly capable of implementing a system of this scope, why have they not  already  done so?
Certainty is truly  capable  of implementing a system of this scope -- is the customer?
Project Management
Installation & deployment consultants typically junior level, straight out of college, learning the product just like customer
Project managed by  senior  personnel with many years expertise designing, developing & managing sophisticated systems environments
Customer  must drive outsourced consultants to deliver anything that meets customer requirements
Certainty  drives the delivery of everything that meets customer requirements & expectations
Requirements discovery, planning & management is entirely up to  customer
Requirements discovery, planning & management is a  team effort  by Certainty & customer
If customer does the architecture, design, pilot, testing, deployment & management themselves, how many  man-hours  will this take?
One (1) Certainty sale  includes  complete architecture, design, pilot, testing, deployment & management